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Sabbatical Church Hopping V

This will be my last blog post for a while because when it’s done, I will have written about all the congregations I’ve attended so far.  There are more visits to come, so don’t worry, I’ll be back. 7) Sunday, … Continue reading

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Sabbatical Church Hopping Part IV

7) Saturday, February 18.  St. John Lutheran (Missouri Synod), Ellisville MO, Warehouse Service, 5 pm.   St. John Lutheran has more than 2000 members and is located about a five-minute drive from Emerson Chapel.  It has five services a weekend, … Continue reading

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Sabbatical Church Hopping Part III

The next two churches that I visited were a very different experience for me because I intentionally visited churches that I knew would push the envelop for me.  I chose churches that are more conservative, evangelical, fundamentalist Christian.  It took … Continue reading

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Sabbatical Church Hopping Part II

Con’t from Sabbatical Church Hopping Part I 3) Sunday January 22, All Souls Unitarian Church Tulsa.  I was sick on this day and was unable to go to a physical church service like I had hoped to, but remembered that … Continue reading

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Sabbatical Church Hopping Part I

One of my goals during my sabbatical is to attend a wide variety of worship services.  My reasons for this are several. 1) Like many ministers, I hardly get to attend worship for myself.  I need to worship too, so … Continue reading

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