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I am a Unitarian Universalist minister serving the Unitarian Church of Quincy IL. St. Louis is my residence. I am a dual American and Canadian citizen living in the great state of Missouri and building my life in this wonderful and sometimes very frustrating state.

When the veil dropped for white people, a recap.

In the days leading up to the resignation of Unitarian Universalist Association President Peter Morales, white leaders in our movement were challenged to speak up.  I answered the call and developed a series of Facebook posts.  Because things fade on … Continue reading

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Memorial Day for Pacifists

This is the sermon preached to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of La Crosse WI on Memorial Weekend, 2017j.  Thank you to Bob who gave me permission to share his story as I understand it. Children’s Sermon This weekend is Memorial … Continue reading

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No Longer Business as Usual

In the months of April and May, more than 660 Unitarian Universalist congregation have risen to the challenge offered by Black and Brown Unitarian Universalists to explore how white supremacy culture has shaped our faith.  This is what we did … Continue reading

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White Supremacy in my beloved faith community

As a white Unitarian Universalist minister I am compelled by our Unitarian Universalist living tradition to speak out about the power of white supremacy in our beloved faith tradition and why I want more Unitarian Universalists of Color in high … Continue reading

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An Act of Mercy or Malice? The AHCA and the Republican Mindset

When Paul Ryan introduced his health care bill to the American people, he called it “An Act of Mercy.” US Representative Joe Kennedy III challenged Ryan, saying that the Republican Health Care proposal was an “act of malice.” Most liberals … Continue reading

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No room for complacency. We have a puppet in the White House.

It’s become pretty clear that Russia interfered in the American presidential election in the hopes that Donald Trump would win.  Russian intelligence hacked the Democratic National Committee emails for the purposes of damaging Hillary Clinton.  The effort succeeded, peeling off … Continue reading

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Christmas, Hannukah, Solstice: A Thousand Years (give or take) of Resistance

I know from my facebook and twitter feeds that a lot of us are finding it hard to connect to the holiday spirit this year.  I am one of those white women who was shocked that Hillary Clinton lost the … Continue reading

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